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More GOOD reviews!!!

by Louisa Klein

HI everyone, I hope you had a GREAT weekend! Lots of good news about Supernatural Freak: first, lots of new good reviews have come up, mostly 4 and 5 stars (and one 3, but it’s good 3! 😉 )
First, we have 3 from Amazon reviewers, the first (4 stars) is titled ‘FUN, FUN, FUN’, you can read it here 
Then we have a 5 star one, by Rosemary Riggal (another Amazon reviewer). You can read it here 
A reviewer called  1safelady also posted an enthusiastic 5 star review here. AND she started the first ever Supernatural Freak discussion! It’s called ‘Best Book Ever’ and has already had a response! Check it out here and add something to the discussion!
Last but not least, the wonderful blogger Dame Margot posted a very insightful and GOOD 3 star review here. Just let me point out that she forgot that what I sent her was and ARC, therefore with typos. Other than that, she LOVED the story and is already booked to
More good news tomorrow 🙂 Now, off to work! 🙂


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