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Jesse Petersen follows me! Yay!

by Louisa Klein

Yes, we are talking about the super-famous zombie and urban fantasy author! She has started following Lost in Fiction on Twitter yesterday, apparently an humble indie author like me is good enough for her ladyship Jesse Petersen, super-freaking amazing author of action-packed, hilarious bestselling books!  I read her whole zombie series and it was aweeesooome! I had an amazing time with her books, all New York Times best sellers! I started with the quirky Married with Zombie, to continue with the two, even better Flip this Zombie and Eat, Slay and Love!  I mean, the jokes here are so good and Sarah and David are such enjoyable characters, that it’s impossible to put said books down, honestly… In fact, of course it is possible I mean, let’s say one is reading them in Fukushima when the earthquake strikes, in that case  I assume one could throw them aside and run but, really, it is the only case when you are allowed to stop reading them… 😉
I am planning an interview with her asap, of course she is very busy!
Mrs Petersen has a number of new books out I wasn’t aware of, such as an exciting anthology of short stories called In the Dead  and an intriguing short story, Shambling With the Stars.
On her blog I have also read she has a new upcoming series, Club Monstrosity, book one will be available at the end of April so… do not miss it! Here’s her website, to know more about her and her books: http://www.jessepetersen.net/books/
Below, you can see the Twitter screenshot, proving she’s following Lost in Fiction, oh, God! I can’t believe it’s true! Just click on the screenshot to go on the Lost in Fiction twitter’s and follow us too!  Yay!


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