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Supernatural Teaser

by Louisa Klein

And here we are again, Fiction-Fans! I have decided to become a ‘Teaser Tuesday’ blogger, which means that  every Tuesday I am going to post some random lines I like of a book I am reading, to share it with you all. I think this is a great way to spread the love for fiction and good stories, so I’m trying to give my own little contribution!
In the meantime, I have decided to create a sort of weekly column where writers of the supernatural can post their favourite lines of THEIR OWN BOOK, to promote it on this site! It’s called ‘Supernatural teaser’ and  it will be featured here every Monday, starting today with my book, Supernatural Freak! Here. Eat the followingrandom lines!  🙂
“Run!” Mr Wilson growls, getting worryingly hirsute. He has a point. A skinny girl in her twenties is no match for a werewolf, and I don’t think that telling him I’m a dog person would make much of a difference.
No vertigo, no headache, just a nice sense of relaxation due to my full stomach. This is the right mood to be in to open a new Yonkers pack. I feel lucky this morning. I deserve to be lucky, after what happened to me last night.
“Now I want to see it, Layla,” the dark elf continues. “I want to feel its energy.”
“As you wish, Sebastian,” Layla replies. Without warning, a giant black thing fills the cave and even the elf steps back. Then, an enormous monster emerges from the darkness, stepping into the fire’s light. It’s at least twenty feet long and has a muscular, lizard-like body with six legs. Its neck is long but
strong, protected by hundreds of thick spikes, and leads to an enormous, rounded mouth filled with five rows of sharp fangs.
Thrilled? Enticed?  To know more, just click on the cover below! 🙂


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