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4 Cool Indies!

by Louisa Klein

1) M. Leighton

OK, I admit it: I bought this book (Down to You) because of the cover. I understand that this does not make me look serious and professional, but look at that guy! I mean, he’s smoking hot. And I’m not made of wood. The book itself was a quick, entertaining read with some spicy scenes. I had a few issues with the MC since, as you know, I love strong female heroines, with a strong personality, able to make their own choices. Olivia is not like that. Still, I honestly think Ms Leighton is a very talented author and I bet she has a number of aces up her sleeve, some big surprises ready for 2013… Well, let’s keep an eye on her and see if this is the case!
2) Addison Moore

OK, first, let me say that I am very partial to this writer: I LOVE the Celestra series.  I love urban fantasy and paranormal books (that’s why I write them!:) ) plus, I really enjoy long series where the story and characters unfold and develop. The first book in the series was OK, but nothing huge. Still, I decided to give this author a chance, since   there were a lot of good points in the story and the characters. Well, I wasn’t disappointed! The books of this series are, literally, one better than the other! Addison has now this new book out ‘Someone to Love’, a new adult romance. This is really not a genre I read very often still,  since it’s Addison, I would for sure give it a go! Please, keep an eye on her in 2013!
3) Jessica Sorensen

Here’s another amazing author of paranormal stuff (the Fallen series) who has recently dived into Romance. I totally enjoyed the Fallen series, Jessica has an extraordinary work ethic and every indie writer should take her as an example. Her latest book is The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, a new adult romance with two very interesting, complex characters. Stay tuned on Jessica Sorensen this year, I promise you won’t regret it!
4) Samatha Young

This is the only, well, let’s say ‘resident of the UK’ in my list. Of course, I could tell you that she is British, but then she’d probably come to my house at night and stab me in my sleep. Trust me, you don’t want to tell a Scottish girl that she’s British, unless you are tired of life. Scottish people are very proud of their national heritage.
Anyway, I devoured the Fire Spirits series, couldn’t put it down! I love European urban fantasy and paranormal… Lol!  I loved the series so much that, again last year, I interviewed Samantha BEFORE she became a New York Times bestselling author with her sexy romance On Dublin Street. I am currently reading this book and, I assure you, it’s sexy and passionate and entertaining at the same time! It has a juice plot and a bunch of very interesting characters … So don’t miss it!

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