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Susan Ortlieb, THANK YOU!

by Louisa Klein

This is a post totally dedicated to Susan Ortlieb, the amazing blogger behind the book blog Suko’s Notebook (go and check it out, you won’t regret it).
Susan has supported Lost in Fiction from the very beginning, when we started organizing online events to promote the website. She took part to Lost in Romance (see her post here: http://localhost/directfix/?p=2195) and to Lost in Young Adults (http://localhost/directfix/?p=1455).
Her guest posts were always insightful and interesting, no wonder they got so many hits and comments! When I finally found the courage to tell her that I was about to self-publish, she didn’t suggest I should give up, she didn’t say things such as ‘it’s ridiculous, what are you thinking?’ or ‘You are a young starving freelancer, why don’t you find a real job, instead of wasting your time telling stories?” NO. She didn’t say any of this.
She just congratulated me,  said ‘well done!’ and promoted Supernatural Freak on her blog.  Then, she kept encouraging me on a daily basis, privately and publicly, leaving tons of positive comments on Lost in Fiction and suggesting me names of bloggers who could be interested in reviewing my urban fantasy.
The icing on the cake, is that we weren’t even friends, when she started supporting me. We were total strangers. To this day, we haven’t even met in person, since I live in the UK, while Susan in America!
So, this is a short post to THANK SUSAN FROM THE BUTTOM OF MY HEART: Susan, you are great, I’ll do my best to deserve  your friendship and support! All the best with your blog! 🙂

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