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by Louisa Klein

Yes, people, Supernatural Freak reached 100 ads on (or whatever you call them) on Goodreads! I know that bestselling authors have like, 3000 ads on Goodreads (or even more), but to me, humble indie author who published just 3 months ago, it is a huge, HUGE achievement. 100 people FROM ALL OVER THE WORD have actually added my book. They bought it, want to read it or are currently reading it. I think Goodreads is so amazing for an author, because you can actually see the people who are reading your book, without even getting off your chair. I don’t have to meet these people (although I’d love to), to know that they like my book/are reading it. I can also see what type of books they usually read, why etc … Call me silly, but It gives me a deep sense of connection to the people of the world. In case you’d like to join them/pop in to say hello or tell me about my book, here’s my Goodreads link:
I am also very close to reach 100 books sold in less than 3 months! I know, these are no bestseller figures but, hey! Almost 100 people FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD bought my book! I think that’s a good reason to celebrate! SO, as soon as I hit the magic number 100, I will do a little giveaway to thank you all! My question is: what would you like? I could have a few copies of my book printed and shipped, if you like the idea! I could even sign them or draw cute hearts on them! 🙂 Or would you prefer, say, a t-shirt with the cover image on it? Would you like that? Or a poster? Just leave a comment below, I promise I will read all your suggestions! And thanks again for your wonderful support, you guys!

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