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Amazon rank

by Louisa Klein

6609 downloads. In 3 days. So many people have downloaded Supernatural Freak, amazing! You were awesome. AWESOME. Two hours ago, I checked my updated ranking and.. It’s 77,848!

I know, it’s far from the top 100, but it means that there are only 77,848 books which are currently doing better than mine on Amazon, which is hosting over 5 millions books! I had never gone over 100,000 in the Amazon ranking, so this is a huge improvement for me! To repay you for your support, I have kept the price at $0.99, so that you can be entertained at a low price! J If you are one of those lucky ones who got my book for FREE, BE KIND AND SPREAD THE WORD. Help me entertain other people and recommend me to your friends! You have a relative sick in bed? Send him/ her my book for Kindle  and I assure you, he/she’ll pass 2 entertaining hours (see reviews here ) I WILL POST EVERYDAY MANY TIMES TO KEEP YOU UPDATED ABOUT MY RANKING, SO YOU’LL KNOW YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB! Supernatural Freak: KEEP DOWNLOADING THE FUN!

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