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#80 on Kindle!

by Louisa Klein

And Supernatural Freak is number 80 on the free Kindle chart. That means that, on Amazon (which is currently hosting 3 millions books and counting) THERE ARE ONLY 79 BOOKS WHICH ARE DOING BETTER THAN MINE. I don’t know how many books are actually for free at the moment, but I know that I am in pretty good company up there: Dan Brown is number one, just to make an example. Joe Konrath is number three, to make another.
Then there’s Charles Dickens (A Tale of Two Cities) which is number 70. So, now, without the risk of sounding ridiculous/conceited, I can say that my book is ‘just a little’ less good that Dickens. After all, good old Charles is only ten positions ahead of me! 😉 Number 77 is occupied by paranormal bestselling author Karina Halle and… I mean, I’m only 3 positions behind her! We are talking about an author who had over 3000 ratings on Goodreads, guys! We are talking about an author who has a very established agent! Best-selling  indie writer Russel Blake is only #74. And I’m #80. I mean, what’s going on here? That guy has sold tons of books, he’s super-established!
Well, I think I know what’s going on. YOU ARE SUPPORTING ME, dear fiction-fans! The visitors to this blog skyrocketed since I put my book for free on Amazon, this means that YOU ARE SPREADING THE WORD! You are telling your friends and family to download Supernatural Freak, so that it can have a lot of visibility. Well, THANKS. Because it’s working. I had OVER 5000 DOWNLOADS IN A LITTLE MORE THAN 24 HOURS. The book is number  2 on the fantasy chart and number 4 on the paranormal romance chart. It wouldn’t have been possible, without your precious support.
Please, keep supporting me! Just click on the pic below and… go grab my book! 🙂

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