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Indian readers!

by Louisa Klein

So, yesterday I managed to find two hours to go the cinema and watched “Oz, the Great and Powerful”  and will post a review soon (as soon as I find the time to breath!).
In the meantime, please let me tell you how amazing the internet is and how cool is to have written a book which virtually anyone in the world can read. I realized it when I had my first Indian fans.
I mean, I am a European mongrel  who lives in the South West of England.
When I published on Amazon, I thought that maybe a few Brits would by my book, since they would appreciate the British humour.   Not even in my wildest dreams I would have imagined that a bunch of people living on the other side of the world, would like Supernatural Freak! Well, it happened! In fact, readers from BOTH sides of the world liked it: people from America AND South Asia!
To cut a long story short, I have reached people from America and India, two countries I have never visited in my entire life. Thanks to my writing, I have connected to people living so very far and with all sort of backgrounds, not only British. I mean, how cool is that? Think about it.
So, here you can find the first review, by a regular yet voracious Goodreads reader: her name is Siva. I know it’s silly, but it sounds so incredibly exotic to me! Plus, it’s a name that could really come in hand  when I need to name, say, a fairy princess, just to make a random example….:)
The other review is by a really cool Indian blogger: her name is Sonali and her blog is Review Buzzz (yes, with 3 Zs!). As always, before contacting a blogger, I went through her blog and read her ‘about’ page. It started with: “Honestly, I am still figuring myself out…”. And I was hooked. Because, honestly, I’m older than her, nevertheless I AM TOO STILL FIGURING MYSELF OUT! In fact, I could well tell you I told a story about a girl with supernatural powers who’s still figuring herself out. I’ve been figuring myself since forever, I know the feeling… Anyway, Sonali’s profile continued with: “… love travelling…want to see the whole world… I am a big movie buff…can watch movie after movie without a break music…don’t think anyone can even live without music…” and I was hooked. I went through her blog AND Goodreads profile and we had, well, A LOT OF BOOKS IN COMMON!:) It goes without saying, that I sent her my book. She reviewed it and loved it!  She’s a cool blogger with a humble attitude who has just started blogging seriously, please follow her! You can read her review of my book here:    http://reviewbuzzz.blogspot.in/2013/03/supernatural-freak-by-louisa-klein-book.html

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