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Sir William and another nice review

by Louisa Klein

And we have another very neat review of my urban fantasy, Supernatural Freak , you can read it here. This is not from a blogger, but a regular reader (an ex librarian: we are talking about a lady who reads A LOT).
It is of course always very nice to be praised by bloggers, I consider them somehow ‘professional’ reviewers (although many would disagree with it).
I deeply respect bloggers, especially since… I am a blogger myself! I know what it takes to make a blog/website successful, I know how hard it is to write objective reviews, whether it is film or book reviews.  Nevertheless, I still value the readers’ feedback the most. After all, very few of us are bloggers, but we are all readers, we all read something, fiction or non-fiction, school or  trashy book, detective novels or War and Peace.
Regular readers are the ones I write for, are those I want to entertain. They are the first and most important recipient of my stories.
And they seem to all like Sir William, the flamboyant (but not superficial) ghost of a Duke living in Robyn’s (my MC) attic. Well, my book has been on Amazon for 2 months and during this short time, everyone fell in love with Will! Even those who didn’t particularly like my book, they loved and praised my aristocratic ghost! Well, you know what? I am envious! That ghost is stealing the show, living a life of his own, LOL!
Anyway, since you readers and Fiction-Fans have been so very supporting in these last 2 months, to show you my gratitude, I will soon prepare a spoiler with William in it! So that everyone can enjoy his company, not only those who read Supernatural Freak!  Stay tuned!:)    

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