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Kindlefire giveaway

by Louisa Klein

Hello there Fiction-Fans! Happy Saint Valentine’s day! Are you planning something romantic for tonight? Guys, are you taking your girl to a fancy restaurant and then, maybe, the theater?  And what about you, girls? Already spent a fortune at the hairdresser AND the aesthetician? Did the leg waxing hurt a lot (ouch!)?
Well, whatever you are planning for tonight, please seat down now and hear me out.  The website will be active all day today, to celebrate Saint Valentine and Lost in Romance so, stay tuned! You can always make out while you are reading us! 😉
We did our best to find a sponsor who paid for a proper giveaway, but unfortunately found none. But it’s Lost in Romance, right? There is ALWAYS a nice big giveaway connected to Lost in Romance!  We cannot disappoint our readers! So, I have been thinking it through and I have finally made a decision. I’m giving away my Kindle Fire to celebrate Saint Valentine’s day. Mind you, this is a Xmas present from my parents. I am their only daughter and I barely see them, since they live in another country. So just think how much this present means to me. You can see it in the picture above, still in its case, haven’t even opened it yet! 🙁
BUT you mean a lot to me, too. I was amazed by the support I got after I published my debut urban fantasy, Supernatural Freak. I had lots of bloggers supporting me and encouraging me.
My book had great reviews from day one. My sales started to pick up almost instantly and, although I am not a bestselling author (not yet, LOL!), I can tell you that I am really building up a good readership, which was my main goal, honestly. So, the least that I can do, is to giveaway my Kindlefire!!! To repay you for all the wonderful support you gave me so far, please continue supporting me! I will, on the other hand, do my best to keep writing gripping stories! 🙂
So, here’s the deal: go to Amazon and buy my Book, Supernatural Freak (just $ 0.99, a real bargain!)
Send the email HERE: info(at)lostinfiction.co.uk
After having done the above, all you need to do is crossing your fingers and wait until the end of February, while enjoying my book. On the 28th , 11 a.m LONDON TIME, the lucky winners will be announced (chosen by Random.org).
To buy  my book, simply click on the amazing cover below, by the talented Regina Wamba. Doesn’t it scream “Buy me! Buy me!” to you?:)

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