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Jenn Sterling for Lost in Romance!

by Louisa Klein

Our Saint Valentine marathon continues, this time with super-inspiring author Jenn Sterling! This lady rocks, she’s super-positive, she’s a talented writer and the type of person who can go through a hurricane with a smile on her face while making jokes about the weather! If you love gripping love-stories full of  dreams and drama, don’t miss her books, or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life! LOL! She has already been interviewed here, have a look at her old Q and A here: http://localhost/directfix/?s=j+sterling
1) So, last year you were spreading the word (successfully) about your indie books and building a faithful audience. Then, something amazing happened and suddenly you got an amazing agent and became a USA Today best-selling author: tell us all about it!
I don’t even know what to say honestly. Everything about my latest release has blown my mind… from the amount of people LOVING the story, to the sales, the word of mouth, the emails, the facebook likes, the best seller lists, etc. It’s been such an incredible experience and it happened SO quickly.
That’s the craziest part- how fast things seem to happen when your book really takes off.  I’m freaking loving EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of it though!  🙂
2) In a sentence, tell us why we should buy your latest book!
Because sometimes life gets ugly before it gets beautiful- and that’s what The Perfect Game is.
3) What made you start writing for an older, although still young audience?
I personally notice the content of your book is getting more and more mature, is there a particular reason why? This particular book is so much of my life that I wanted to be as honest and real as possible while writing it. I simply wrote the way that made the most sense for my characters and their story. I really like the “New Adult” genre and feel like that’s where I will continue to write. I’ve grown a lot since my debut novel and so a lot of the maturity in the content is also me growing as a writer.
4) Tell us all about your agent and how you got her!
My agent is Jane from Dystel & Goderich. She’s a freaking bulldog and I love her!  lol  Within a week of TPG being released, I was approached by a few agents. I took calls with everyone and after talking to Jane for literally 5 seconds, I knew I wanted her on my team.  She represents A LOT of the successful Indie (self published) authors out there and I feel confident knowing she has my back.
5) Last but no least, are there any future projects we should be excited about?
OF COURSE!  LOL  I am currently working on the follow up to The Perfect Game. It doesn’t end on a cliffhanger or anything like that- and I could have moved on from the entire story, but i’ve never had such a WANT from readers for more. I took my time thinking about the characters and how I could continue their story…  It’s all coming together really well and I’m getting more and more excited about the story the more I write it!  It’s called The Game Changer and it should be out NO LATER than April of this year, but I should have an exact release date on my facebook and blog soon!  I’m also working on the follow up to In Dreams- it’s halfway written, so I need to finish that. My head’s just not there right now. I’m very wrapped up in Jack & Cassie land.  And finally, i’ve had a witch story i’ve been working on and off on for the last year- so I’d love to get into that book and play!  it’s so different than anything else i’ve written, so that should be fun and challenging and i’ll probably rip all my hair out while writing it.
To know more about wonder woman, er… I meant, Jenn Sterling, please visit her social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheRealJSterling

To buy her latest book, simply click on the cover below: 

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