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by Louisa Klein

And the lucky winners are: Daniel Evans and Martha Cole! Winners have already been notified on Xmas day (and they were of course very happy to get such a present!). Since we believe in transparency, I publish below the names of the other participants: if you are crying your eyes out now, please dry those tears and cheer-up, I’ve got good news for you! Some details are still up in the air, but there will be ANOTHER  BIG GIVEAWAY in February (connected to the Lost in Romance event) and your names will be added to the ones of new participants! So, do not despair! You still have the chance to win something beautiful! Happy new year from Lost in Fiction!
Michelle Dixon
Frank Costard,
Daniel Evans
Pauline Goddard
Lucas Dhemer
Hans Meier
Alistair Holmes
Marion Rosenberg
Mark Seabolt
Donald J. Simmons
Karen Stewart
Karl Stern
John Soane
Helen Duvall
Marc Fros
Marissa Stark
Judie Irving
Fran Sloane
Dan Hawsone
Sonia Piana
Andrew Taylor
Steve Tennon
Martha Cole
Andrea Friedrich
Irina Dtwach
Matha Drummund
Jane Gilliane
Gwen Stewart
Jo Sullivan
Roni Lynne
Christi Snow

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