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New great review!

by Louisa Klein

And another great review is out! I’m really overwhelmed by the response my book is having, THANK YOU SO MUCH! A special thank to Cynthia who was so willing to read it, that she read it on her pc, not having a kindle! I mean, how cool is that? I don’t read on my pc EVER! It’s too much of an hassle for my poor eyes! Anyway, she complains about the text looking like one solid block of words, without a proper separation between the paragraphs: I have checked and that, thank God!, it’s a problem you’ll get only if you use the kindle app for pc. If you read my book on Kindle or on Ipad for kindle, you’ll be fine!:) Anyway, don’t miss this review and follow ‘We all make mistakes in Books’, it’s a great blog!:)

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