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Supernatural Freak finally OUT!

by Louisa Klein

Dear Fiction-fans I’m happy to announce that Supernatural Freak is finally  available on Amazon. What happened? You are probably wondering by now, “wasn’t it supposed to be online on the 8th of August?” It was, at first. Then, if you read my update (see it here, if you haven’t)
A considerable amount of people asked us an update during these two months, an update we were not able to give, since we were not allowed to. Why? Because the agent who was interested in Supernatural Freak, asked me not to. No, in fact it was the agent’s assistant who asked me not to, that makes a huge difference.
Don’t ask because I won’t reveal any names, as this post is a true rant. *grin*
To summit up: in August the assistant  of a very powerful American literary agency read the Supernatural Freak blurb on our website and asked for the first chapter and a query letter. He didn’t have his own client list but he was actually building one, no wonder, since he was still young. Although very busy, after only a week, the response was quite enthusiastic and he wanted another three chapters and a three week exclusive to read them. I was also supposed to put the book’s publication on hold until he was done. I agreed. A month passed and I hadn’t heard from him. Another two weeks passed and, since people kept asking me about the book, I decided to nudge, gently but firmly.  He answered straight away, apologising and asking me for a full!  I was very happy for the feedback and sent it over. Still, I couldn’t go indie since said agency wasn’t interested in indie authors. I had to wait. And I waited an entire other month. I was about to nudge again, but then I read on the internet that agents could keep a full for up to two months (sometimes even more) and I waited. Of course, the book still couldn’t be published on Amazon. And here I have to thank my wonderful colleague Bruce Clark who, unaware of the last email I had received about the full, took the initiative and wrote not to the assistant, but to his boss.
A speedy answer came not even twenty-four hours later: the agent in charge was really sorry, but there had been a misunderstanding. Her assistant had been authorised to look around for potential clients only very unofficially and only by going through the slush pile in his office. He hadn’t been promoted to junior agent yet, nor had he been authorised to solicit manuscripts from people who wanted to go indie and hadn’t even queried. On top of that, apparently he had played the game with a few other writers, keeping them on hold indefinably, so that he could buy time and convince his boss. So, that’s the story of my misadventure. If you are a writer and something similar happens to you, just be very, VERY careful and extremely cautious. Be sure you are dealing with the right oerson and bear in mind that, if after good two months you haven’t heard from your potential agent, at least he/she is definitely not wildly interested in you.
On a more cheerful note, Supernatural Freak is now out and you can read a nice excerpt here. Enjoy!

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