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News from marketing specialist Bruce Clark

by Louisa Klein

Hi fiction-fans! My name is Bruce Clark and, if you are a blogger, you might have already dealt with me because of the Supernatural Freak cover reveal.  I’m glad to tell you there’s not much left to wait, since the book will be released in a few days. I won’t give you a specific date yet since, after all that has happened, we prefer to be superstitious and wait until the way is clear, if you know what I mean. What happened? You might ask. Well, Louisa will write a post about it as soon as she’s ready (she’s very busy right now with her clients and wrapping things up with the book) but I can anticipate you that we were fooled by the assistant of a VERY important American agent. I won’t mention the agency, nor the assistant’s name, but I can assure you the delay was totally their fault.
On the brighter side: I will keep you company for a while, until Louisa is finishing doing what she needs to do. She was the one in charge of updating the website and promoting it but now, two years later, Lost in Fiction has become so popular, that a single person cannot really handle all the pressure, nor deal with the massive quantity of work, so here I am! You might now wondering who I am well, let me introduce myself: my name is Bruce Clark (as you might have already guessed, since it’s in this post’s title) I’m British but I’m living in Germany, where I work as a marketing manager for BMW. I’m not only an established professional in my field, but also an incredibly attractive man, so very handsome I assure you, ladies ;)! Unfortunately, look here doesn’t count, so I’m afraid I will have to work and use my professional knowledge to keep you entertained. Let’s see how it goes! You can read my first useful article about PR pitches right here.
Bruce Clark

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