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by Louisa Klein

And here’s another brilliant review by by blogger Latoya Hudson of LittleLibraryMuse. This is a super-popular, exciting blog. In case you’d been raised by wolves and don’t know it yet, get out of your cave and visit it! Here’s the review of “The Goddess Test” by Aimee Carter:

The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter is a fantastic read set in modern times. What is great about this book is that it integrates Mythology into the story, the Persephone myth to be more specific. So, I was hooked right from the start because of my love of mythology. Carter does a great job of concealing who the gods are and giving them a more up to date feel. Kate’s mother is dying and wants to move back to her hometown as her final resting place. For Kate this means being the new girl, and the new topic of discussion at school. She would have rather sat out that year to spend the last moments with her mom but of course that wasn’t an option for her. Ava, the popular girl in school thinks that Kate is after her boyfriend and decides to invite her to a party. Kate agrees to trust Ava is just being nice but becomes skeptical when she leads her down a path that crosses water, which Kate is afraid of by the way and in her effort to ditch Kate, Ava hits her head on a rock and dies. Kate, blocks out her water phobia and attempts to save Ava only to find her already gone. Then enters the mysterious and intriguing Henry, who claims he can bring Ava back, if Kate will agree to come with him to the Underworld and pass seven tests. Not completely understanding she says yes and Ava is alive. Thinking that maybe her eyes were playing tricks on her, she disregards her bargain…until the day Henry comes knocking to get Kate to fulfill her part of the deal. Well she basically tells him no. The next day Ava dies, and there is no bringing her back. Her mother takes a turn for the worse and in an effort to her alive longer, Kate seeks another chance to pass the tests that Henry proposed. The only clincher is that if she doesn’t succeed, she will lose her life. There is so much going on this book and this is only a portion of it. I loved the interactions between the characters and most especially with Kate and Henry. Watching them learn about each other and gradually develop feelings. Kate has such a good heart and it was great to see her grow as a young woman as she strives to be the queen to Henry’s king. With everything that is going on with her mother, she is willing to sacrifice herself to save others’. Henry is so sweet and beautiful and having just lost the last girl, who didn’t survive the tests, he has decided to give up his throne in Hades. He would rather fade away than submit another girl to that, well until Kate comes along and he finds himself willing to try one last time. The tests, once I realized what they were are such a great mix with the mythology. Overall, a great and intriguing read about love, and sacrifice.
Info about the blogger:
Latoya Hudson is a Librarian, though she was an avid reader long before that. She can’t think of a time when she wasn’t asking for a hall pass to go to the library to get books. She also loves photography,music,and movies. Basically, she’s a very visual person.

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