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Shelly Crane for Lost in Young Adults

by Louisa Klein

1) Why young adult? Did you choose this genre or were you ‘chosen’ by it?
It’s all I ever read so I felt like it would be good for me. And it is. I’ve tried my hand at adult romance and though I enjoyed the story, YA is definitely where I feel most comfortable.
2) Is there an author, living or dead, who inspired you particularly?
To be honest, and without sounding cliche, Amanda  Hocking was the first Indie author I’d ever read and I didn’t even know a  market existed like that. It was definitely what sparked my interest…
3) Please, tell us about your last book and, if you can, about your future  projects.
The last book I released was the third in my Significance series, Defiance. My next book is the sequel to Devour. Clara and Eli are going to  travel to South America as they run from the Horde. And when Clara gets  sick, Eli must figure out what’s wrong with her. A sickness? Or something  supernatural…
4) How was your writing journey? Was it difficult to find an agent and get  published?
I tried for months to find an agent\publishing company and after many  generic turn downs, or try again laters, I decided to just see if something > would come of it if I did it on my own. It turns out, I’m doing alright. 🙂
5) What’s your opinion about this E-book revolution? Would you consider  the indie route?
I love the e-book revolution. since I’m an Indie myself, I can appreciate the need for such a thing. I remember having to figure out which  books I could buy because hardbacks\paperbacks are so expensive. When I discovered e-books and my little Kindle app on my phone, I was hooked! You  could buy 10 books for the price of one! Especially with the way the world  and the economy is going, having something be a little bit easier and more > readily at your fingertips for a steal is so important.
6) Nowadays many publishers expect their authors to use social media a lot to promote their books. Many authors, on the other hand, would prefer to >> write only, without being distracted by digital trivialities: what are  your thoughts?
I personally don’t understand an author who wouldn’t WANT to interact > with their readers. I’m on Facebook, Goodreads & Twitter everyday. And if  you think you can just throw your book out there and not promote yourself, not do giveaways, not respond to your readers, and still be successful,  then I’http://www.shellycrane.blogspot.com/m sorry, but you are sadly mistaken 😉 Plus, your readers are the  reason you can do what you do. Why would you not want to thank them?
Info about the author:
YA author of the paranormal series Significance, Collide and Devour. Shelly is also a mom to two boys and a wife to the best guy ever. Throw in a love for candy corn and paperbacks and you get her!
To know more about Shelly, please visit her social media:
 http://www.twitter.com/#!/AuthShellyCrane >>
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