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An interview with book cover designer Regina Wamba

by Louisa Klein

We proudly welcome a new freelancer in the Lost in Fiction team: digital artist and cover designer Regina Wamba! She’s asuper-talented book cover designer from Minneapolis, have a look at her website here: http://www.maeidesign.com.
Regina can make a tailor-made cover for you, which will cost you more, of course, OR you can buy one of her ready-made  covers for a lower price (and you will be surprised by how low said price is)
1) Tell us a bit about yourself and the origin of your sexy, exotic name!
Which one..? First or last!! Lol. My first name comes from Spain. Regina means Queen and
in Spain they pronounce in “Raheena” 🙂 My middle name is MaeAnn (I’m not ashamed! I love my middle name enough to partially name my business after it.. plus it’s my great grandmothers middle name, and I loves her!) Now.. my last name is African. I am married to a Cameroonian from Central Africa and my whole family has a equal
balance of cultural names! It’s FUN and I love it!
2) When did you decide to become an artist? Did you have a proper training or are you self-taught?
Oh.. I don’t think I ever decided.. it always just “was” I knew as
I approached the end of my High School Career that I wanted to make a career of art,
but I have been an artist since I can remember! I have sketch pads from like 1st

3) Is there an artist, living or dead, who inspires you particularly?
Too many to count. I really was addicted to watching Bob Ross growing up, his “trees” were
amazing! And I really enjoy painters who can manipulate light in their paintings..
like Thomas Kinkade! It’s a real talent. Otherwise I appreciate all artists!
4) You are a professional digital artist, but are there other, more traditional media, which intrigues you?
Oh yes! Photography, HUGE. I love photographing people,
but I also love drawing people, painting people, coloring people.. lol, Just
Kidding. I LOVE working with people. I am most intrigued by the eyes.. there is so
much emotion in the eyes. It’s my favorite!

 5) What do you think is the greatest challenges a good cover artist has to face in
this new ebook revolution?
You really have to know how to make that thumbnail pop!
It has to be a good mixture of color, and typography,balance and more.
The thumbnail is what people are browsing through! If your cover can stand-out
in front of all the other thumbnails... you get a nice little "sold" notification!
It's such a pleasure for me to create a VISUAL that will represent all of your
hard work.
 I get so much satisfaction from all the pleased customers raving
about how many compliments they get on the covers!
It's great!
We work hand in hand, and communication is
key when it comes to getting the perfect fit!

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