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Melissa Nathan for the the Women's Day

by Louisa Klein

Today’s the eight of March, women’s day. This is the day that reminds us, every year, how much women had to struggle to acquire their independence and the basic rights men had already, such as the right to vote, to study and to work outside of the house. Each year, we remember a female author who, one way or another, was an example of courage, indepence and resilience to the women of the world. This year, we want to remember romance author Melissa Nathan. Melissa Jane Nathan (13 June 1968 – 7 April 2006) was a journalist and UK author of popular “chick lit” novels in the early 2000s.
When working on her novel “Persuading Annie” (2001), Nathan was diagnosed with breast cancer. She refused to let the illness control her life, and – in public anyway – was unfailingly positive. She even had the time and strenght to joke about cancer’s unoriginality in her Jewish Chronicle column and then added: “That was what you call laughing in adversity. It’s what makes people smile mistily at me, as if I’m fading in front of their very eyes while telling knock-knock jokes. What they don’t know is that I have daydreams about being the oldest person at their funeral.”
Melissa gace us a number of fun, entertaining books, such as The Nanny , The Waitress, Kiss me Kate and many others, a wonderful legacy for a woman who actually never lost her sense of humour until the last day. In her name, was created a foundation and an important chick-lit award. The Melissa Nathan Foundation is edicated to supporting families in crisis and was established shortly after Melissa died aged 37, leaving her devoted husband and their beloved three-year old son. Honouring and continuing her extraordinary kindness and warmth, the Melissa Nathan Foundation has already granted donations to families struggling desperately to cope with the challenges facing their disabled, sick or dying children and young adults. If you’d like to know more and would like to make a donation, please visit her website: www.melissanathan.com/

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