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100000 visitors!

by Louisa Klein

Dear All,
We are very happy to announce that the Lost in Romance event was a great success: nearly 100000 unique visitors in February! We would like to thank all the authors and bloggers who participated, as well as all the fiction-fans who visited our website and  even left a comment. THANK YOU! YOU ARE AWESOME!
A very special thanks to our Media Coordinator Lucy Hannau, without whom all this wouldn’t have been possible. Trust me, this lady isn’t human, she’s a PR machine, a non-stopping robot!
I would also like to thank Dawn Olsen, a talented photographer and a newbie here who, in spite of that, did a great job contacting authors and keeping me constantly updated, Dawn, you are my light at the end of the tunnel!
A special thanks to author Elise Rome, who truly advertised this event and brought us dozens of romance fellow writers. Thanks you Ms Rome!
We are preparing a few more events like this one, please stay tuned because a lot of exciting stuff is boiling on the stove!
Below, you can see the screenshot with our stats for February, just to prove you how great your support was!
Louisa Klein,
Lost in Fiction Editorial Manager

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