We are proud to treat you to  two romantic poems by Barbara Alfaro, an excellent poet and author whose talent we have already appreciated on this website, you can read her short story, ‘The Three Facebooks of Barbara’ here: http://www.lostinfiction.co.uk/?p=541.






Teddy O’Connor, I dreamed of you last night.

You were the age you would be now

and still handsome in your quiet way.

Remember us, in our Easter Sunday best,

beside my father’s mint green Chevrolet,

holding torch-shaped ice cream cones.

Ten years later, I’m wearing a prom dress.

You are Cary Grant in a rented tux.

You broke my heart that night,

being too attentive to another.

Somewhere between the Carvels

and senior prom, probably

when we were twelve, we paused

in a Long Island woods and

sat beside each other on a fallen tree.

You surprised me with a kiss

and I fell silent as a log.

In the dream, you said you live in Delaware.

I wonder how you are now.

The fool part of me is tempted to see

how many Theodore O’Connors

live in Wilmington but if I found you,

what could I say?

Teddy O’Connor, I dreamed of you last night.


for Victor

I remember you in your red robe,

standing in a triangle of sunlight

as you feed our cats, put coffee on,

and break bread into pieces

for the birds outside in the snow.

You give me a poem you have written.

In the poem, what is best in me is

exaggerated the way truths are in dreams

and reading it, I see I am loved.


Info about the author:

Barbara Alfaro is a nice lady, living in the States (Maryland) with what I think is the cutest dog ever (I have a soft spot for animals, I can’t help it).
She’s the author of “Mirror Talk,” a memoir about a Catholic girlhood and working in theatre, a book of poems called “Singing Magic,” and a collection of plays titled “The Sirius Interview & Other Short Plays.”
Excerpts from all three books appear on her blog.
Each book is available on Amazon.com or can be directly purchased on her blog: http://barbara-alfaro.blogspot.com/.
She’s the winner of a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award for her play “Dos Madres” and her poems have been published in various literary journals.
Her favorite authors are Charlotte Bronte and Charles Dickens and her favorite filmmakers are Woody Allen and the Coen brothers. She lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with her husband Victor and our neurotic miniature poodle mix Pip (the cute dog I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this blurb). She’s a native New Yorker who misses that shiny city of dreams. To buy her books, simply click on the covers below:


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