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A Post on Romance, by Eileen, blogger of 'Singing and Reading In The Rain'

by Louisa Klein
Why, might you ask? Why on earth would Eileen be doing a post on romance? Because Lost in Fiction, a British website, is doing an event all about it and I thought I’d participate in it by making a little post on romance and all that. This will most likely be very long-winded and if you get really annoyed when I do those types of things on here because I’m trying to make a point, you might want to just skip this post and head straight to the one under this blog post.
Romance, in my opinion, can be magical and then absolutely…boring. I love it when books are written and they have romance in them and the romance is perfectly played out. Some books don’t have the romance playing out very far because there’s a bigger concept going on, but I love it anyways whether or not it’s purely about romance.
Books to me are a refuge. And romance makes it better. Everybody asks me how I can read books for fun, like it’s weird. I love how a well-written book can make me smile and feel fuzzy on the inside. And then those people who ask me how I can like books so much ask me how I can be so affected by a book. It’s the romance that makes or breaks the deal for me these days.
This goes for songs, too. So many songs are written about how much a girl might love a guy, or the other way around. It may be about how there’s going to be a happily ever after and how much a girl might want her crush to notice her. I write a few songs on romance, but that was in the past and I don’t have exactly a crush on anybody so it’s not like I can pretend. I write songs on belonging and how mean people are (not going to point fingers). But of course, every good artist has relationships and writes songs about them. I may not have any of those songs now, but I bet I will.
I think songs about romance are full of feeling and extremely emotional. You can tap into those emotions even after they’ve long passed. Taylor Swift writes a lot of songs about romance, and they’re so relatable and so emotional and deep. That’s exactly what romance can do to and how it can affect a song. Romance is a great thing when written down on paper and read or sung aloud.
Which brings me to reality. This is the cynical part of me, but I’ve always wondered. How often will somebody stumble upon the man of their dreams and be truly in love? My parents and my grandparents don’t look so happy. They fight at times, and they look like they’re just friends living with each other. No kisses, ever. Maybe hugs, but never a kiss. I know some people are so extremely lucky for being able to falling in love and finding that person they were always supposed to be with, but I never imagined it ever happening to me.
Have you imagined that you’re secretly a werewolf or a faery or a vampire? Or if some paranormal creature was watching you or they knew that something was going to happen to you or they had something to do with you. I’ve always dreamed of something like that happening to me, although it’s probably all the books. I think becoming a famous singer would probably be a lot more rational, and I just have that feeling that something along those lines is supposed to happen to me. So there goes the being in love with a werewolf idea. 🙂
So now that the cynical part of me’s gone, I want to get to the mushy-mushy part. I’ve seen people in love. I’ve seen such cute couples that look like they belong together. And although I don’t believe that it’s going to happen to me or anybody until they’re in college, it’s fun to dream about getting that perfect first kiss or having that romance between two people that’s something truly special. It’s not just a relationship that’s going to last a few months at best, but like meeting your true love, and having everything fall into place.

Anna and the French Kiss was a beautiful book that explained the feeling of falling in love and was magical and perfectly written. (Review to come.) Many other paranormal romance books or dystopian books or other genre of books that have a romance aspect in them will make you feel giddy. Just like a song might have that impact to you, which I hope that one day it’ll be my songs that’ll be up there making a difference.
So give me your thoughts. I think falling in love and having a strong romance will be impossible if I ever became a famous singer, but I’d still be content with what I have. Singing is everything to me. Even if it meant giving up a good chance of finding a good romance, I’d take it. Because singing and books are my only refuge in this mean world, and I’d never ever give it up. And if I didn’t get to be a famous singer, I’d want to find true love.
I think that many people out there never meet the person they were probably meant to be with, and that many people never will. But the lucky ones, they have something special. And I just pray that they never lose sight of it. I pray that those who deserve a worthwhile romance that will last until the end of time get it, and I pray that the people who’ve met the person they’ll have that romance with will open their eyes and see it. Romance isn’t something that comes along every day, and the things that are the rarest are the best.
Info about the blogger: 
Eileen is a very young blogger who loves music, singing and composing her own songs, as well as being an avid reader. Her favourite genres are  paranormal, fantasy, action-adventure, mystery, and romance. Her motto is:  ‘Stay Yourself. Always. No matter what other people say’ and we at Lost in Fiction are deeply convinced she’s right.

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