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Best-selling author Heather Barbieri for Lost in Romance

by Louisa Klein

And here’s for you a nice interview with Heather Barbieri, author of  ‘Snow of July’, ‘The Lace Makers of Glenmara’ and ‘The Cottage at Glass Beach’.
1.Why Romance? Did you choose this genre or were you ‘chosen’ by it?

 It isn’t so much adhering to a particular genre as exploring those emotions that makes us most human, including  the need to love and be loved.

2. Is there a romance author, living or dead, who inspires you particularly? 
I’ve always been drawn to the work of the Bronte sisters, especially 
Jane Eyre and The Tennant of Wildfell Hall, classics of romantic yearning that continue to enchant modern readers with their timeless stories and deeply sympathetic heroines.

3. Please, tell us about your last book and, if you can, about your future projects.

My last book, 
The Lace Makers of Glenmara, follows Kate, a young American designer, who journeys to a remote village on the coast of Western Ireland, fleeing heartbreak; there, she meets Sullivan Deane, a handsome local artist, and is befriended by a group of lace makers who share the intricacies of their craft and personal stories, each woman finding the strength to face her fears and make difficult choices.

4. How was your writing journey? Was it difficult to find an agent and get published?

I’ve always loved to read and write. After being a journalist for a few years (I majored in English in college) and starting a family, I began to write short stories, and, eventually, a novel (still in an old file cabinet somewhere), which landed me an agent, but didn’t sell. So I tried again, creating 
Snow in July, which sold to Soho Press. Later, I found a new agent (my previous one, focusing her business on film), who sold my next, The Lace Makers of Glenmara, to Harper, which will also be publishing my third novel, The Cottage at Glass Beach, in May. Cottage tells the story of Nora, a woman who returns to the island of her birth, off the coast of Maine, seeking refuge from a political scandal and failing marriage, as well as answers to her mother’s disappearance years before. There, she meets a mysterious local man, Owen, with secrets of his own, and fights to protect her young daughters and confront her past.

5. What’s your opinion about this Ebook revolution? Would you consider the indie route?
The world is always changing, publishing too. At this point, I’m happy where I am and want to do everything I can to support booksellers, who work so hard to foster a love of the written word and create a sense of community and human connection for readers and writers alike.

6. Nowadays many publishers expect their authors to use Social media a lot to promote their books. Many authors, on the other hand, would prefer to write only, without being distracted by digital trivialities: what are your thoughts? 

The creative process is an integral part of me—I feel such joy (most of the time!) when I’m working on something new, a blank page before me. But I also very much enjoy hearing from readers. That’s one of the greatest gifts social media can give us—that opportunity for personal connection–and why I have an active author website and page on facebook for readers to keep in touch.

Info about the author:

Heather Barbieri is half-Irish. Her paternal ancestors left counties Donegal and Tipperary after The Great Famine and worked in
the coal mines of Eastern Pennsylvania before settling in Butte, Montana. Her impeccably dressed maternal grandmother was a
descendant of a lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria and instilled an avid interest in fashion in her granddaughters. Barbieri’s first novel, SNOW IN JULY (Soho Press), was selected as a Book Sense Pick, a 
Glamour magazine “Riveting Read,” and a Library Journal Notable First Novel.

Before turning to writing fiction full-time, she was a magazine editor, journalist, and film critic. She lives in Seattle, Washington, with her husband and three children. To know more, visit her website: www.heatherbarbieri.com.
To order her latest book, ‘The Cottage at Glass Beach’, which will be released in May 2012, please click on the cover below:



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