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Julie Metz, an interview for Lost in Romance

by Louisa Klein

1) Why writing about love? What made you write about it?
My memoir Perfection is very much an exploration of love. Though it’s about trying to understand a romance that failed, it is also about the search for new love, something we all want in our lives!

2) Is there a romance author, living or dead, who inspires you particularly?
Though she is not exactly a romance writer, Isabelle Allende certainly writes about passionate characters who live romance-filled lives.

3) Please, tell us about your last book and, if you can, about your future projects.
My first book was my memoir Perfection, which tells the story of the events that followed the sudden death of my husband in 2003. In the aftermath of his death, revelations of his infidelity came to light. My book is about my struggle to understand what happened so that I could move forward with my life. I heard from many women, and some men who had also experienced betrayal in their lives and were searching for a way to make peace with the past.

4) How was your writing journey? Was it difficult to find an agent and get published?
My experience had its challenges and there were many times when I thought about giving up. I did find a wonderful and loyal agent who helped me on the long road to finding a publisher.

5) What’s your opinion about this e-book revolution? Would you consider the indie route?
I think that e-books will continue to grow. I am an old-fashioned reader and prefer a paper book, but I think that customers will continue to gravitate towards the new technology. I do know of many authors who self-publish, and now that companies like Amazon are getting into the publishing business, more change is coming. The issue with self-publishing is that you miss out on the promotion services a publishing company can provide. So for those writers considering self-publishing, the first step might be hiring a publicist to guide the project. This can be costly, so it’s important to research all this in advance, rather than be surprised later.

6) Nowadays many publishers expect their authors to use social media a lot to promote their books. Many authors, on the other hand, would prefer to write only, without being distracted by digital trivialities: what are your thoughts? 
Based on my own experience, authors must get involved in some level of social media, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, writing a blog. The old ways of reaching readers are changing. Most writers I have met, even very well-known ones, stay in touch with their readership via some form of social media. And even though it might not seem like something you want to do, there are many personal and professional benefits to creating an online community.
Info about the author:
JULIE METZ is the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir Perfection. The recipient of a MacDowell Fellowship, she has written for publications including The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Glamour, Redbook, and Coastal Living. She was the subject of 2009 features in the Guardian, The New York Times. Perfection has been published in Australia, Germany, Italy, Romania, Taiwan, and Portugal. She lives with her family in Brooklyn, NY, where she is currently working on a new memoir.
You can find out more about Julie Metz and Perfection on her site: www.juliemetz.com.
To purchase her book on Amazon, simply click on the link below:

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