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Romance in Marvel comics, an article by Layla Nafee

by Louisa Klein

For Lost in Romance, we gladly publish this article about Romance in Marvel comics by Layla Nafee, a very clever teenager we are happy and proud to have on board. It’s Saturday and Saturday was not made for anything intellectual, so treat yourself to this light and amusing article and relax!

Romance in Marvel

“X1” from the Marvelites X-Men tells us about the complex romantic lives, that Superheroes have to face.
Most comic book readers – Marvel or DC – will know that Superheroes have tough love lives, which is probably due to the fact that if their partner finds out about their alter-ego, there is a risk that their partner might get hurt or even die. I’m pretty sure that no Superhero wants that on their conscience. But out of many relationships that Superhero’s have, a male or female hero, there are some real gems that make you smile every time you see them in a warm embrace – or there are the hard-core gritty relationships, with so many ups and downs you wonder how some of these relationships are still working! In this article I’ll be looking at three Marvel comic book relationships, all different from each other.
Couple no. 1: Mr Fantastic & the Invisible Woman:

Reed Richards and Sue Storm have been married for an extremely long time, practically forever. It all started out when Sue went to live with her aunt, Margay, when she was just 12 years old she developed a crush on her aunt’s boarder, Reed Richards. Susan followed him to California when it was time for her to go to college. While in California she half-heartedly tried to break into show business, because the only reason why she was in California was so she could be with Reed. Most of the acts that she has done and the reason why she has her powers in the first place, is because she kept following Reed around! Susan and Reed soon got married and a had a super mutant son.
Their marriage may seem like a fairy-tale story, but, in actual fact Reed and Sue haven’t had it easy. Their superhero lifestyle has put a strain on their marriage several times, with both of them having plenty of near death experiences. But it isn’t just their superhero careers that have put strains on the marriage several times, it’s the fact that Reed Richards is a workaholic, spending endless hours working on new gadgets and gizmos, which Reed uses without even testing first! But, hey! What can you say? Wouldn’t you want to spend endless hours everyday, flexing your brain muscles to invent a new weapon/gadget (that could possibly save the world) if you were super genius, like Richards, slowly letting your wife slip away and be wooed by the utterly handsome Namor? I think not. Another fault in Sue and Reed’s marriage, is Reed’s lack of communication skills. He’s not very good with reconciling with his wife, which makes him seem a little bit out of touch with the “real world”.
But, despite Reed being a workaholic and Sue having a fetish for Atlantean men, they still love each other — deeply. Till this day on, they are still married with two extremely powerful children. No matter how bad Reed Richards’ communication skills might be, Sue still loves him.
Couple no. 2: Spiderman & MJ:

Probably the most famous couple on the list — due to the popular Spiderman films — Peter Parker and Mary-Jane fit the description of “classic comic book love”. But, what most people don’t know, Peter and MJ haven’t always been together! In fact, Peter’s first love was the late Gwen Stacy — MJ’s friend. While Peter was dating Gwen, MJ developed feelings for Peter, but kept them hidden. After Gwen’s tragic death (which till this day Peter blames himself for) MJ tried to comfort Peter, but he pushed her away telling her that she didn’t know what it was like to lose so many loved ones. After a while Peter and MJ began a relationship, Peter proposed to MJ for the first time but she turned him down and also decided to end the relationship. After a while MJ realised her true feelings for Peter and rekindled their relationship, after a while Peter proposed to her for the second time, this time Mary accepted.
These two may seem like the perfect couple, but they haven’t had an easy ride. MJ had to cope with Peter’s shenanigans as Spiderman and kept begging him to stop risking his life for others (sounds pretty selfish right?), this didn’t go down so well with Pete, as you would expect. Peter soon found out he had a clone who moonlighted as The Scarlet Spider, this let Pete take a break from being Spiderman and be happy with MJ, but when said clone died, Peter decided he’d become Spiderman again behind his wife’s back. This got MJ extremely irate (but considering that she was pregnant at the time probably means she was probably quite hormonal). Peter had done so much for his wife, but he couldn’t give up being Spiderman, in the words of Peter Parker himself (not Uncle Ben), “With great power, there must also come great responsibility.” It seemed that MJ didn’t really understand that message, and after she gave birth to their stillborn child, MJ decided to move away from New York – and Peter too. Which, if you ask me is pretty inconsiderate, as it wasn’t Spidey’s fault that they had a stillborn child. But Peter stayed faithful, not once did his eye wander to the other attractive female members of The Avengers.
Soon MJ came back and things started to go back to normal until Peter decided to reveal himself on National TV. This lead to dire consequences, one so severe Peter was forced to sell his marriage to Satan. Yep, you got that right. Aunt May was rushed to hospital in a critical condition when she took a bullet that was meant for Peter. So Satan give Peter an offer “Sell your marriage to me, so you have no recollection of MJ, but your aunt will survive.” Peter was hesitant, he didn’t want to give up the love of his life. But, MJ, made the decision for him – because she knew that Peter wouldn’t be able to stand the loss of his aunt, and because she loved Peter so much she forced Peter to say yes to Satan’s offer (but not before whispering a few catches in Satan’s ear). Spiderman no longer knows anything about MJ or their marriage, but Mary Jane remembers everything, but she has forced herself to leave Peter alone because she knows that Satan made sure that Peter Parker would never fall in love with her again. Altogether now: Awwwwww.
Couple no. 3 Black Bolt & Medusa:

The lesser known, but my favourite, couple on the list. Black Bolt & Medusa have been going strong for a while now, even though it wasn’t exactly love at fist sight for these two. Black Bolt being the heir to the throne of Atillan was only allowed to marry royal blood, and this royal blood came in the form of his feisty, red-haired cousin…Medusa. Okay, so the incest part is kind of icky, but Black Bolt & Medusa has been betrothed to each other since birth!
But that isn’t what makes them my favourite all time Marvel couple. Black Bolt can’t talk — well he can, but one of his superpowers is a Quasi-Sonic Scream, in other words it means that if Black Bolt even whispers a small earthquake might just happen. So Bolt never talks, not even to his wife, he wouldn’t
want to risk blowing up her beautiful face: would he now? Instead Medusa and Black Bolt communicate in a more intimate way, it is as if they have a psychic bond, you see for Medusa it’s the thoughts that count (even though she is no way telepathic). At first, people only saw Medusa as a translator for Black Bolt, but Bolt refused to let people think of his beloved that way and as the years went by Medusa was given more and more authority in the ruling of Attilan.
Medusa is an extremely loyal wife (with a great head of hair), but she is also a powerful leader. As seen after The Realm of Kings where Medusa takes over the Kree Empire after they killed her husband and took over Atillan, she wasn’t going to let her dead husband go un-avenged. Medusa soon became Empress of the Kree Empire, and instead of taking any old Inhuman to rule with her, she stayed single, because no man could ever replace her Black Bolt. She was right not to take a husband, because Black Bolt was found out to be alive. When Medusa found this out she quickly ran to her beloved, thus leading to this beautiful reunion scene below.
Apart from that Medusa and Black Bolt have gone through many hurdles during their marriage. One being that Black Bolt’s crazy brother has some weird obsession for his sister-in-law and keeps trying to kidnap her then…impregnate her.
Despite these er, let’s say, complications, Black Bolt and Medusa has never willingly left each other. As far as I know, they’ve been through a lot but have always managed to work everything out, without separation, without confrontation. These two seem to be the best Marvel couple. Period.
I hope you all have enjoyed reading my article on “Romance in Marvel”, I also hope that it inspires some of you to read a comic book. Because as you have probably learnt, there is more to a Superheroes life than running around saving peoples lives. Their own personal lives can be quite intriguing.


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