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New Year’s Eve, a review by Bodie Shallenberger

by Louisa Klein
New year’s Eve, film, review, Zac Efron, Gary Marshall, Michelle Pfeiffer.
“New Year’s Eve” is the romantic comedy that intertwines the stories of a multitude of big-name actors/actresses serving the hyped-up, stereotypical one night that anything could happen: New Year’s Eve. The quality that makes it instantly appealing is the number of well-known stars that are a part of the story. One may single out a favorite of theirs and go strictly because of that, knowing that person will not disappoint them; in my case, this person was Lea Michele as I am a loyal follower of Fox’s “Glee” sitcom.
The movie distributes easy laughs, cute themes, and a clear message that the New Year can be a time for cleansing and rebirth. The glitz and glamour of a picturesque New Year’s Eve in New York City and watching the legendary ball drop in Times Square makes this movie unable to take place anywhere else.
Sofia Vergara puts on a flawless performance as Ava, Lea Michele implements the power of her beautiful singing voice on several different occasions throughout the film, and Zac Efron is a fun, motivated, and entertaining youth that shows Michelle Pfeiffer a New Year’s Eve she will never forget—to name a few spotlight performers. The cheesy you-will-find-love rom-com will keep you smiling as the many different stories weave in and out of each other, leading characters into the paths of others, and mingling them together without them knowing as they use each other to build momentum to find that special person they are supposed to be with. The creative aspect of the story writing is clever and concise with what each character initially serves within the film and what each character is to complete during their time on camera.
There’s nothing quite like watching a romance take place in New York City, or in this case, six or seven of them. This film is the perfect ingredient to a first date, a fifteenth date, or a Sunday matinee for the secret must-see-in-theaters viewer. Funny, emotional, heartfelt, and with a clear message backing it, it was well worth seeing the film in theaters. Do not take this movie too seriously—lighten up, sit back, and try not to judge it—take the movie for what it’s worth and what it’s trying to accomplish. Let the uncertain surprises within the movie influence you and let the film give you inspiration for what your New Year can have in store for you.
NEW YEAR’S EVE (2011) Theaters December 9
From the director of PRETTY WOMAN and VALENTINE’S DAY (Garry Marshall) and written by Katherine Fugate who also wrote VALENTINE’S DAY and ARMY WIVES.
Halle Berry
Jessica Biel
Jon Bon Jovi
Abigail Breslin
Chris “Ludacris” Bridges
Robert De Niro
Josh Duhamel
Zac Efron
Hector Elizondo
Katherine Heigl
Ashton Kutcher
Seth Meyers
Lea Michele
Sarah Jessica Parker
Michelle Pfeiffer
Til Schweiger
Hilary Swank
Sofia Vergara

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