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"Tree of Life", by Elita Daniels: a review

by Louisa Klein

If you are looking for a story brimming with romance, mystery and adventure, you must read “The Tree of Life” by Elita Daniels, starring a wonderful cover. It’s a rich fantasy tale with a delicious old-fashioned c designed to be enjoyed by the true fantasy geek. I especially enjoyed the full descriptions of the main characters, their struggle to survive, their dark sides, their doubts, framed by a believable fantasy background and an exciting atmosphere.
Here’s the plot’s summary:
Young Deacon is abducted and scarred by his cruel and power-hungry father as a child but helped by his beloved mother, who risked her own life to save him from the cruel fate his father planned for him. The bond between mother and son becomes even stronger as they survive the terrifying ordeal, but when Deacon’s mother falls in love with the elven man who helps her save her son, her frail, human mortality is only enhanced by the everlasting elven world they live in.
Both set free and ensnared by his mother’s death, Deacon embarks on a quest to avenge her and punish his wicked father. Accompanied by his cousins, despite his pleas for solitude, Deacon, Cedrik and Derek find themselves caught up in a dark plot, involving a beautiful young priestess-in-training named Magenta. Despite his unwillingness to let himself fall in love, Deacon has deep feelings for Magenta, discovering that sharing his vengeance with her is both liberating and dangerous.
Now, to be a début novel, this is far from being bad. “Tree of Life” is both character and plot driven, the fantasy world created by the author is both believable and intriguing, urging the reader to stick with the story.
The only weakness of this book is, in my opinion, the language. I found a lot of typos and twisted sentences which could have been easily avoided with a little editing. In a few months, after Amanda Hocking’s success, the online self-publishing phenomenon has exploded, inducing thousands of writers and wannabe writers to publish on the internet. Unfortunately, that made the competition very tough, so tough that the said Amanda Hocking has recently decided to get an agent and a lucrative deal with a big publisher, to be relieved from part of the pressure and finally have someone who takes care of the editing and the cover art while she focuses on her writing. That means that, nowadays, if you want to stand out of the crowd in the self-publishing world, you MUST deliver an excellent product, worth the money spent for it, which isn’t easier, considering that most storytellers have a regular job and write in their free-time.
Anyway, Elita’s book is really a good product, it only needs a little bit of restyling but, other than that, it is truly enjoyable, I’m looking forward to reading book two!
To know more and buy the book, go here:http://elitadaniels.com/treeoflife

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