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Jobs axed at Hampshire and Harrow libraries

by Louisa Klein

01.11.10Fifty-eight full-time equivalent jobs are set to go at Hampshire library service, amid further cuts and protests about threats to library services.
The job losses come in a bid to reduce the annual running costs of Hampshire’s service by £1.5m and follow a consultation with staff and unions over the planned restructure. However, no libraries will be closed, and opening hours will be increased in some libraries so that they no longer close at lunchtimes. The latest Discovery Centre, in Basingstoke, will open on 30th November.
Hampshire county council’s executive member for culture and recreation Margaret Snaith-Tempia said the proposed restructure does not affect “many” front line staff who deal with the public on a day to day basis, and efficient new working practices plus the introduction of self service terminals would free staff up “to help with customer enquiries and continue running children’s activities, reading groups and assist people using computers.

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